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the classical method

The classical Pilates method is a system of exercise that emphasizes core muscles, precise movements, and mind-body connection. Created by Joseph Pilates, it includes over 500 exercises performed on mats and specialized equipment to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. It remains a popular choice for full-body workouts.


Mr. Mrad Mouawad, a licensed physical therapist and Pilates teacher trained at the Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado by the renowned “Tailor sisters” Amy and Rachelle in 2012, established the Barefoot Pilates Studio in 2013. The Pilates Center of Boulder, referred to as “The Harvard of Pilates,” is dedicated to upholding the principles and heritage of Joseph H. Pilates’ authentic method.


The Pilates method, developed by J. Pilates, uses specialized equipment to strengthen muscles and balance neuromuscular force at the joint level. This approach not only improves flexibility and joint range of motion, but also enhances musculoskeletal alignment and stimulates circulation. Additionally, it encourages the development of new neuromuscular patterns, heightens body awareness, and enhances coordination with greater precision.


The classical Pilates method uses J. Pilates’ specialized equipment to strengthen muscles and balance neuromuscular force at the joint level, while promoting circulation, flexibility, joint range of motion, and proper musculoskeletal alignment. It also promotes new neuromuscular patterns, body awareness, and precise coordination. These benefits can prevent future injuries and reduce or relieve chronic pain. Overall, the method is designed to improve physical function and enhance overall well-being.


Barefoot Studio offers a unique blend of classical Pilates and physical therapy expertise, providing a range of health and wellbeing benefits for our clients. We specialize in rehabilitation for individuals with physical defects, including athletes of all ages, and provide specific protocols for back dysfunctions, such as general back pain and spine conditions. Our tailored exercises reduce stiffness and tension, improve fitness levels, increase flexibility, and re-align posture. In addition, we offer intermediate and advanced Pilates workouts for proficient clients looking to tone muscles, strengthen their core, and improve their posture. Our diverse range of services caters to a wide variety of individuals and aims to improve physical function and enhance overall well-being.


Small duet sessions assembled according to the level of each student, in order to maintain the quality of the work and to ensure the safety of clients.


At our studio, we offer a comprehensive classical Pilates training program in collaboration with ‘The Pilates Center of Boulder’. By joining us, you have the opportunity to become an internationally certified Pilates instructor from the best school known as ‘The Harvard of Pilates’.

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